Hello again!

Long time, no blog. Life has been a bit hectic, it being my work’s busy season, but there are days as of late where I feel like creativity is just about to spill out of me. These fingers are ready to get back to photographing, and painting, and writing, and all things art! And I want to keep you in the fold of what’s going on and what things to expect from figgynixon in the near future, but before doing so, it is probably pretty essential that you kind of know me, right? So last week I asked ‘What do you want to know?’ – and today, I have answers.

Why landscapes and how do you find/seek them? – properlydressed

I think in my late teens I went through a cinematic phase, watching indie film after indie film, absorbing the unique and beautiful landscapes (The Chumscrubber, Ghost World, and Dreamland come to mind). A few years ago I moved to a small, rural town in Texas, much closer to the coast than my hometown, and I think that’s where I really fell in love with country landscapes. I lived in this constant loop of colorful sunrises and sunsets, thick fog, lightning bugs – some days truly felt like I lived in a movie – and when you’re surrounded by all that, it’s not hard to find something you enjoy. Anyhow, I think it all started there. Most weekends I would just plan to get up around sunrise, throw my camera in the car, and choose a road to go down and get lost, probably get home an hour or hour and a half later, and do it all over again at sunset. I had had to be a little more intentional about exploring in Oklahoma, but more or less the same scavenger hunt. I have yet to adventure into portraiture, so landscapes are my sweet spot for right now.


What camera do you use? – samanthawhitmore6

I use a Canon EOS Rebel T5i mostly, though I originally was an #iphoneonly type-of-girl (and still use my iPhone from time to time if I am in a jiff).  There was also a Sony RX100 ii somewhere in between.

What’s your favorite thing about photography? – oklahomaexplorer

Capturing feelings. I am continually amazed by how small, aesthetic details can have the power to evoke emotions. When I think of my favorite photos (as a consumer), they are images that seem to be so simple – quiet – but yet speak so loudly and convey something so clearly. As a photographer, I think I am very emotionally driven and when I snap pictures, it is mostly because something spoke to me in that moment… maybe it reminded me of a childhood memory, or I imagined it as a movie scene in my head, or it felt like a cosmic message of sorts. The tricky part there is I’m never sure that the viewer feels the same (or feels anything at all), but I enjoy having photographs that when I look back at them, I get to relive how I felt in that moment.


Who are other IGers you look to for inspiration and why? – lolasbest

How much time do I have? Hahaha. There are seriously so many talented photographers, it is quite hard to whittle down to my favorites. I try to do my best at being ‘me’ and staying true to who I am called to be as a photographer, but with that being said, these are IGers who I’d say inspire me:

  • jakedockins, whom I admire for acing classic americana.
  • am_amick, whom I admire for her ability to capture the raw form in perfect portraits.
  • brianbett, whom I admire for his creative and stunning imagery.
  • and caleb_boz (just recently followed!), whom I admire for his southern scenes and color stories.

I appreciate the questions, taking the time to reflect certainly reminds me why I enjoy doing what I do. Have any more questions? Always feel free to ask! And if you’re local, let’s grab coffee – or a camera – and find a back road that’s calling our name.


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