teaching an old blog new tricks?

So. I have a feeling that blogs only really work if you update them. Right? Right.

Spring break is ending and I’ve come to the conclusion I just need to tackle this blog thing head on, more often. I spent much of the first part of the week doing nothing, and did a little more nothing as the week carried on (and an extra side of nothing during the two hours that Young and the Restless decided not to have episodes on Thursday & Friday. Harrumph.) Though I didn’t tackle any large projects, I was able to fall back into a creative habit of taking & sharing photos, which I must admit felt pretty great.

I am really nervous that with work tomorrow I am going to fall back into work-drone behaviors, packing up doing everything I love again until the next break (summer.) Two years out from grad school and I still haven’t managed this work-life balance thing, even remotely. One day.

I hope to start sharing my photography more on the blog, and other little bits about my life. I also hope to make these posts more meaningful than rambling – but this’ll have to do for right now because there is a Teen Mom marathon on, people.


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