from dreamer to doer.

Well, here I go trying to do this blog thing again.

And, if you’re looking for an explanation, you are in luck my friend (wait – is that too forward? I’m sure we’d be friends in real life if we aren’t already.) So here goes why this is important the second time around.

In the second year of being a professional, I’ve never felt farther from what I’m supposed to be doing. And that isn’t to say I don’t enjoy my job, but I think sometimes you just know you’re meant for something different. I’ve always been drawn to artistic things – I loved my art and ceramic classes, I enjoyed designing Xanga layouts (once you’re done laughing, feel free to proceed), I liked making t-shirts, I’d joke about owning my own boutique, I wanted to pursue film editing. But, in the end I never did any of those things. I didn’t think they were realistic. I majored in something for the sake of majoring in something. I stuck to things I was comfortable with that had some kind of decent monetary pay-off. I thought I (1) would never make it in a competitive creative field and (2) if I sought a career doing the things I loved, I wouldn’t love them anymore. Now I’m in my mid-20s with barely any free time to even indulge in the things I enjoy the most. Embarrasingly, I’m Pinteresting my life away, posting the things I’d like to make or see or do rather than, you know, actually doing those things. Ay caramba, holy passivity, and all that jazz.

So. This is me taking back my life. This is me recommitting to personal happiness and pushing to sacrifice what I have to to become a step closer to living more creatively. This is me, most likely in baby steps, turning back burner dreams into reality. Because I have to be confident that it can, and will, happen. Because no one else is going to do this for me, I can only do it for myself.

The notion that we cannot have what we genuinely need is a culturally induced illusion that keeps us mired in the madness of business as usual. But illusions are made to be broken. Am I busy? Of course I am. Am I too busy to live my own life? Only if I value it so little that I am willing to surrender it to the enemy.” – Parker Palmer

What kind of posts should you expect? #NMT (New Music Tuesdays), craft & room projects, photography, inspirational sprinklings, and updates about life’s little – and big – pursuits and accomplishments.

To hope and happiness,

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